The Manchester Dog Park Association is a 501c(3) non-profit organization whose goal is to build & maintain off-leash dog parks in Manchester, NH.A dog park is a very simple concept. It’s a designated, fenced, off-leash area where individuals can bring their dogs to play and exercise with other dogs and their owners. With the financial support of its members and donors, and in cooperation with the City of Manchester, the Manchester Dog Park Association built Manchester’s first dog park, located on Bass Island on Second Street (south of Granite Street, north of Queen City Avenue). The 10,000 sq ft fenced area has a double gated entrance for your dogs safety. The park is open dawn to dusk.The park’s rules and regulations are posted at the gated entrance outside of the fenced area. Please be reminded that you are expected to clean up after your dog as well as filling in any holes it digs. There are trash barrels on site – please use them to discard waste and trash.There is no running water provided on-site, so please bring water with you to keep your dog hydrated especially in the Summer season.