Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Parks in Manchester, NH

Why does Manchester need a Dog Park?

There are several  reasons:


Happy, Healthy Dogs

Dogs need regular exercise just like we do. A well-exercised dog leads to happier and  healthier dogs that tend to  be less aggressive  toward  people and  other  dogs.


Better Social Skills

It’s important for dogs to interact with other people and other dogs. Having an environment that provides a place to exercise and train is essential and helps reduce the amount of aggressive dogs living in our city. Well-socialized puppies turn out to be better dogs. Providing a safe environment in an enclosed space for puppies and adult dogs to play and exercise aides this process.


Fewer  Dogs Running Elsewhere

Having a designated space to exercise a dog leads to fewer dogs being off-leash in our parks, fields or cemeteries. A Dog Park will help to prevent incidents at other places where users such as small children, joggers or those who may be fearful of dogs go to play or relax.


Better Neighbors

A fenced and maintained area that is both clean and safe for the dogs and their owners promotes responsible dog ownership. Regularly exercised dogs make better next door neighbors as they are less likely to jump on people, destroy property  or  bark incessantly.


Building a Better Community

Having areas in Manchester where dogs can just be dogs is good for the city overall. A Dog Park can bring people together and create lasting friendships between dog owners. increasing neighborhood involvement and neighbor-to-neighbor interaction adds to the sense of community needed throughout our city.


Access for Elderly or Disabled Dog  Owners

The benefits of pet ownership are unquestionable for helping the elderly cope  with emotional, health and social issues. Elderly and disabled owners could enhance their lives by having an accessible place to exercise their companions and to watch  their  pets at  play.


Can I leave my dog(s) unattended at the Dog Park?

A Dog Park is not a place to drop off your dog, but rather a place where owners can take their dogs to run free and play with other dogs and their owners.