Manchester NH Dog Park 2017 Update

Good afternoon MDPA Members,

Although this years Annual Meeting was low in attendance, it was still productive and folks got to talk openly and discuss issues that pertain to our betterment of the Park.
Member Questionnaire was distributed at the meeting. If you would like to complete one and submit it anonymously, we would ask that you mail it or simply put it in the mailbox at the park.
We have revised the 2018 Membership Application to include information such as the gender of your dog as well as asking if your dog is neutered/spayed.
You will also see that after six years since opening the park, we have increased the yearly membership fee. The fee for registering one dog will now cost $15.00, additional dogs will be $10.00 per dog.
Please note that annual renewals are due on January 1st and ALL information required on the Application MUST be completed.
Also know that we understand that City Dog License renewals take place in April of each year so please include the current licence number on the application and we will require that you provide us with the new number when the time comes. A reminder will be sent out to Members in this regard.
Please feel free to inquire with MDPA Board Officers or your fellow MDPA Members who had attended the meeting for an update on the discussions that had taken place.
Kevin Roux
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